The blue laser dot becomes vague

Laser technology allows the use of a high powered laser(

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) beam to produce wavelength -selective effects.This study forms the basis of mathematical modelling of the thermal effects of lasers.If the laser output is too low and the plasma-forming threshold is not reached.

While only a laser beam can currently deliver power levels of around one watt.It is expected that the beam of a violet laser will diverge less rapidly than a that of a red laser beam of the same initial size.Part of the beauty of this laser is that is comes with a built in device to change the temperature.

This reading stayed constant as the power meter was moved closer and farther form the green laser(

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) .Divergence can be improved (made tighter) using a lens or better engineering of the laser itself.Both of these effects are a bit of good news for pilots and others concerned about increasing laser powers.A 532 green laser appears 29 times as bright as a 445 blue laser.



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